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© Copyright Policies

On an ethical level, I’d hope you don’t need to be told (thus the ©2012 joke), but yes, everything here is original work, and ©2008 (or sooner) openloopdesign / stopphysics, llc. Of course, RSS feeds and other collaborative efforts are governed by whatever license those are released on. That said, you are hereby cordially invited to steal my stuff.

Really, go ahead…steal my stuff.

The bare facts are that I can’t really stop you from doing it anyways, and I’d much rather be on a superhero bike ride than hauling you into court. So here are some alternative ways to think about it:

Code, Scripts, and Design files:

You are cordially invited to “View Source”; if anything you see there helps you do your job better, that’s great! That’s how the opensource movement grows, and we’re happy to help. If you need help understanding what you’re working on, please see our tech support page. Many of the scripts and systems that run this site are listed in the colophon. Of course, all the graphic design work here is ©2008 (or sooner) openloopdesign / stopphysics, llc. Thanks for admiring them. We’d love to make you some of your very own.

Images and photography:

Even at full-screen size, the 72dpi images shown here are useless for doing anything you might actually make any money off of. So…according to a CreativeCommons Attribution Non-Commercial Share Alike license, you are welcome to drag-n-drop, email, and otherwise enjoy any images here. Frankly, nothing would make me happier than to see stopphysics photography flipping thru your screensaver or on a card to your grandma. If you are interested in high-resolution files for commercial use, or prints, please contact us.

The stopphysics and openloopdesign logo and brandnames:

These are fully copyrighted and registered with the applicable governmental business agencies. Thanks for admiring them. If you’d like a snazzy one of your very own, you might check out our design portfolio.

Privacy Policy

Regarding our mailing list, forms, and any other way you may choose to share your personal info with us:

We do not sell, trade, or otherwise share your info with anybody. And while we make an effort to ensure that your information is as secure as possible, no system is totally fool-proof, and we do not assume any liability for theft of your information or damages resulting therefrom, and make no guarantees or warranties regarding the security of that information.