W3C ;)

Standards-Compliant Web Site Design = W3C :)

What are web standards?

Web standards are essentially “best-practices” to follow when creating the code that makes a web site run. The W3C standards have been established through the cooperative efforts of many talented people, with the aim of making the web accessible and functional for everyone. This site features original graphic design and Valid hand-coded xHTML, CSS, PHP, Javascript, and AJAX. All code on this website written by myself is valid; however, other functions such as automated RSS feeds from other web sites and open-source plugins may show validation errors.

Why should Standards-Compliant Web Site Design make me Happy?

Sites that “validate” as having been built according to these standards, frankly, just work better. They do better in the search engines. They work great across multiple browsers and operating systems. Our friends who are blind or otherwise alter-abled can still access the information. And spending less time fixing a web site, and more time connecting with people, makes us happy.

Connect with web site design that actually works.

Of course, there’s more tricks than just standards-compliance to make a site truly stand out, or for it to hold up as a reliable tool for your business or endeavor.

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Special thanks to the open-source community…

This site features original web site design code by openloopdesign.com, as well as numerous crucial contributions by other standards-compliant programmers who have generously given of their time and talents to make the web a much better place.