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for Current Clients:

If you are experiencing site errors…

We apologize for any inconvenience. Please give us a ring immediately; we’re sorry for the reason for your call, but it’s always good to hear your voice.

If you need updates or alterations to your site…

…please utilize our support-ticket system.

In an effort to prioritize and expedite your updates, our support-ticket system moves your support requests ahead of the deluge of daily email. Current Clients have received login information; please give us a ring if you can’t locate your login info.

Enroll in the Support Ticket System here:

If we have stored files for you on our server…

…please log in here using your client keyphrase.

for New Clients:

If you are interested in website services (in general)…

…please take a gander at our “Work with Us” page.

If you are experiencing severe technical problems with your (non-openloop) website…

….please fill out the following intake form. This is crucial information* that we will need to be able to help you. Even if you choose to give us a ring at the number listed at left, please send in the following form first.

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*About half of the new-client calls we get are from folks experiencing a “case of the disappearing webmaster”, and do not have their basic passwords and other crucial info. Send us what you can (or put “don’t have it” in the field), but we’d recommend you read our article about how to secure and backup your web site assets, no matter who your webmaster is.

For New Clients: An important note regarding costs and billing procedures for emergency services:

We are committed to providing you with swift and efficient service, and will do our best to resolve your crisis as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, many web site catastrophes stem from non-standards-compliant coding, from applications that have not proven to be stable across platforms, or from simple human error (it’s OK…we understand). Because of these issues (and many unforseen ones), emergency repairs for new clients do require a retainer and are subject to specific policies. You will receive PDF’s of the current policies and rates in response to your form submission above.