What to Expect

Easy, step-by-step development…

Here’s what you can expect from us throughout the development process, every step of the way:

The A-B-C planning steps:

A) The patented openloop “Let’s-figure-it-out Pow-Wow”:

  • We’ll get together for about an hour, for you to explain what you want, how you want it to work, and what you want it to look like. We’ll listen carefully to understand your needs and connect with your vision, and answer any questions you may have.
  • We’ll also provide some reccommendations and suggestions to make it work even better than you may realize is possible. And yes, meeting with us is Free.

B) You get a Project Estimate:

  • Based on the information you provide at the pow-wow, we’ll provide a clear, written estimate that details the services you’ll need to accomplish your goals.
  • We’ll provide some options for scaling your project into phases to accommodate realistic budgets. We’ll also identify aspects of the project you and/or your staff can do to reduce your total project cost. And we’ll probably even reccommend a few services for your project that can save you money and/or hassle compared to what you may currently be using.
  • And yes, your Project Estimate is provided Free, under no obligation.

C) Jump in the Loop!

  • If everything in the Estimate meets your approval, we’ll move forward immediately. At this step, we do request a Retainer for our services; it is usually $500 or 25% of the Project Estimate.

Web Site Design and Development steps:

1) Ducks in a Row…

One of the biggest problems facing any business or organization is management of, and access to, your web-based systems. In other words: finding your passwords, setting up hosting services, domain names, etc. So our first step is to get all your “digital ducks in a row”. We’ll help you get it all sorted out, and provide fool-proof secure archives of the important passwords and access info for your site. And all of it will be totally within your control.

2) Design, revise, finalize…

We’ll design and present a mockup of your site for your review. A round of revisions and alterations is included in your project estimate, because we want your site to reflect your vision as closely as possible. After incorporating your revisions requests, we’ll finalize the design document and store it in your archives in case you need changes in the future.

3) Coding and implementation…

Next, your design is turned into a functional web page. (Web designers affectionately call this the “slice-n-dice”.) The flat design document becomes a jigsaw puzzle of super-light and fast-loading graphics that are held together in your browser with standards-compliant code; these code templates and graphics files are then merged with the WordPress system as your custom Web site theme. We’ll also configure your WordPress admin area so it’s clear and easy for you to upload your content.

4) Softlaunch and training…

Before we release the site to the general public, we’ll “softlaunch” the site so you can see how your content looks in your web browser. We’ll provide documentation so you know how to use the system, and answer your “How-do-I…?” questions. We’ll work with you to get the site running smooth and all polished up for the Big Day.

5) the Big Day: LAUNCH!

Have a party! You’re officially In the Loop!